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And we're off...

Submitted by Teresa Koltzenburg on September 20, 2005 - 3:21pm

ALA TechSource Blog is official! I was able to subscribe in my aggregator, now you can too!

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Great to see that ALA now

Great to see that ALA now has a blog. TechSource is so appropriate too. Are you going to be adding a LIS faculty to your blog? I ask because I've been blogging since mid-2002 and it's another way among many different ways for practicing professionals and LIS educators to collaborate. I started blogging mostly because I hoped that if I shared my stream of consciousness it would help my students be less fearful/impatient of information science and technology - ASC Online - Last fall was when I had the most success with it (in terms of visible comments). I also run another blog, the LIS Learning Showcase - for the students - based on Movable Type. Here I hoped that students would be attracted to blogging as an easier way to build e-portfolios. Alas, no takers on that yet - they still prefer me to do the uploads for now. Best, Anita