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The Online Library User Manifesto

Submitted by Jenny Levine on November 25, 2005 - 9:54pm

John Blyberg from the Ann Arbor District Library recently posted an ILS Customer’s Bill of Rights, a very thoughtful reflection that you should definitely click through to. As I was reading it, however, I was also reminded of another bill of rights I recently came across, The Social Customer Manifesto. It’s actually a blog devoted to the social-software movement, but I found the tenets of the Manifesto quite intriguing (you can find them listed in the righthand sidebar on the site).

Obviously, this is very much geared toward the business world, but it’s interesting to think about this list from the perspective of our patrons. They’re not all applicable, but maybe an equivalent list for libraries would look something like this:

Libraries tend to know how to cover these bases in the physical world, but what else would you add for our online users? I love that librarians are finally exploring ways for libraries to use these new social tools to give patrons these kinds of options.

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Great stuff... a great

Great stuff... a great re-working and updating of the Cluetrain Manifesto. You suggest that not all of the items from the original list are applicable to libraries and their patrons, but I think they all are. The two you omitted: (1) I don't want to patronize idiots. (2) I have no interest whatsoever in your marketing campaign, unless you can show me what you've got for me, in which case, what took you so long? (Also known as "Why would I care about the library?... an EverQuest tournament, you say? You're kidding, right?)