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The Economic Crisis & Your Library Technology

Submitted by Daniel A. Freeman on December 5, 2008 - 10:23am

From Maine to San Diego, San Antonio to Minneapolis, Librarians everywhere are feeling the heat of the current economic crisis. When the economy is bad, local and state governments suffer, and budget cuts follow. Unless you are lucky enough to work in a library with a private, bottomless source of funding,its pretty likely that this crisis directly affects you.

The Huffington Post has asked readers to write in or write their own blog posts about how they have been affected by the economic crisis. Arianna Huffington argues that while we've been "inundated with the raw data of the economic meltdown", we need to to "put a human face on the suffering. The recently laid off, the newly homeless, the students unable to afford college."

Here at TechSource, we'd like to apply this idea to libraries and technology. We want to know how this crisis is affecting your technology needs. Have you been unable to purchase up-to-date equipment? Are you unable to afford the bandwidth that you need? Have you found a way to stretch your budget that you think others should know about? We want to be your voice. If you have anything you'd like to share, no matter how big or small, please e-mail to share your stories with the world.

This is only the first step in our coverage of how this crisis is affecting libraries. Look out for our January issue of Library Technology Reports, which will focus on technology funding for libraries and how you can maximize your technology budget during a downturn.

Comments (2)

The Stimulus Package is the

The Stimulus Package is the solution of our President to the Economic Meltdown that we have in our economy today. They are discussing about this issue since after the 2008 U.S. Election. Congressional Republicans have openly opposed it in its entirety, even though a lot of cuts have been made to the package. For instance, education costs for building new schools, improving existing ones, and better school lunches – causes worthy of cash advances – had billions cut. Some expenses may not be as worthy as others, and a few things might make it onto other bills, but there are some items that used to be on the bill that were deserving of cash advances for sure.

We've be fortunate to be

We've be fortunate to be able have the funds to order new PCs, but the large computer company (with the cow boxes) has not been able to get the credit to get the parts to put together our order and ship it.