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Making the Right Choice: Software Purchases for Your Library’s Needs and Budget with Marshall Breeding

Submitted by Daniel A. Freeman on June 14, 2010 - 12:17pm

Marshall Breeding will be hosting the first of our ALA TechSource Online Workshops, Making the Right Choice: Software Purchases for Your Library’s Needs. The event will take place on Tuesday July 20th at 1:30pm Central/2:30pm Eastern/11:30am Pacific.

In today’s library, decisions involving which software to use are crucial. The right decision can make your library more efficient, user-friendly and economical, while the wrong decision can have a lasting negative impact on your service and budget.

If your library needs to change or upgrade its Integrated Library System, you know how challenging the process of selecting and implementing software is, and that failure is not an option when it comes to finding tools that align with your budget and strategic mission.

In this exclusive online event, library automation industry expert Marshall Breeding will show you how to assess your needs based on the size, scope, mission and budget of your library, and make your software decisions the right way. 

Breeding will work closely with participants and provide practical information that will help you through this challenging process.  The workshop will suggest the sequence of steps involved in an ILS procurement from strategic planning through final implementation. 

The workshop will not promote any given automation product or model.  The processes mentioned will be neutral relative to proprietary or open source licensing, local installations or software-as-a-service, and other conceptual alternatives.  The workshop will suggest methods to help the library select the model and product that best meets its strategic direction and operational requirements.

Topics covered will include:

  • Strategic Planning: Reviewing what’s behind your motive to change your software and assessing your needs based on your budget
  • Organizational planning: How to prepare your organization to respond most efficiently to the change
  • Implementing a new ILS vs. Implementing a Discovery System
  • Evaluating  and selecting software
  • Implementing software

Registration for this event is only $50.00 (10% discount for ALA Members), and can be purchased at the 
ALA Store:

Marshall Breeding serves as the Director for Innovative Technologies and Research for the Vanderbilt University Libraries in Nashville, TN. He has been involved with library automation for 25 years and has accumulated experience through both hands-on involvement and in his role as an industry analyst and journalist.  He is a regular presenter at library conferences and workshops including Computers in Libraries and Internet Librarian; he is also a LITA Top Technology Trends panelist at ALA conferences and  has been an invited speaker for events throughout the United States and overseas.

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Sorry for the typo!

Sorry for the typo!

The name is A-r-n-i-e. Thanks

The name is A-r-n-i-e. Thanks for the reply. I thought the event was next week - guess I missed that. I'll watch for the archived version.

Hi Ann-e The event took place

Hi Ann-e

The event took place already--it was at 1:30pm Central yesterday. We will be selling the archive soon, and I'll update you when its available.

Thanks for your interest.

Is it still possible to

Is it still possible to register for this webinar? When I try to follow the specified link

I end up on the alastore's main page.

Thanks, Daniel. Success! I

Thanks, Daniel. Success! I wasn't able to go past the shipping address form without entering a valid zip code so I used TechSource's zip code.


Hi Johanna- Sorry your having

Hi Johanna-

Sorry your having this problem, for some reason, the store has strange behaviors when attempting to accept a Canadian purchase.

We have created a workaround for ordering a digital download through the ALA Store. As you probably know, the ALA Store requires a shipping address to be entered even though of course with a download there is nothing to be shipped. As long as a download is the only thing in your shopping cart when you check out, our Store system will not "verify" your shipping address. So simply enter your actual Canadian shipping address as closely as possible, and for "State" just choose Alabama. When you click the final "place order" button, your order should go through normally. You will then immediately find yourself on a confirmation page, and on this page you will find the download link for the product you purchased. (We therefore recommend that you make your purchase on the same computer you wish to download to.) You can also access the download later on by going to the ALA Store and logging on with the same account used to purchase the download. Once you’ve logged in click “View Order History.” Then select the proper order. Scroll down and on the left side you’ll see the download link.

Although this is not an ideal solution, it will at least allow you to make the purchase.

If you need additional assistance, please e-mail

Sorry for the inconvenience!

Hello, The ALA Store won't

The ALA Store won't accept a Canadian address. Is there any way for Canadians to register?

Johanna Cooper
ILS Specialist Librarian
Nova Scotia Provincial Library
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada