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Code Words

“citeThis”: Building a Javascript Bookmarklet that Creates Citations for Sharing Web Pages - Code Words

Welcome back to “Code Words.” In this column, we are going to look at bookmarklets - little snippets of Javascript that extend your web browser to do interesting and useful actions. Bookmarklets range from allowing you to "pin" a current page to Pinterest without visiting the site directly (http://...

Using the Google Spreadsheets Data API to build a Recommended Reading List - Code Words

Welcome to Code Words. A new column looking to demonstrate how simple programming tasks and emerging technology trends can be applied to libraries. My goal is to provide an introduction to the role that programming and computer tools can play in building the digital branch of the library. Topics will include everything from relational databases, to mobile services, to simple Javascript routines,...

Introducing Code Words with Jason Clark

ALA TechSource is happy to introduce a new series for the blog, Code Words, by Jason Clark. The web is bursting with new software and new tech tools, but sorting through it all is time-consuming. Each month, Jason will share practical tips and snippets of code to give you a running start on projects. Occasionally, he’ll take a look at the bigger picture and point to an emerging tech or...