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Librarianship in Virtual Worlds

Librarianship in Virtual Worlds Library Technology Reports vol. 44 n. 7

  • “For libraries and library-related organizations interested in developing a presence in one or more virtual worlds, this issue of

LTR may prove a useful tool for understanding the breadth and depth of the VW scene..."
Virtual worlds are here to stay, says Tom Peters ("Maxito Ricardo" in Second Life and Lively) in the October issue of Library Technology Reports. In "Librarianship in Virtual Worlds," Peters explores how librarianship can survive and thrive in these multi-user virtual environments (MUVEs).

In this issue, VW novices and experts alike will learn about key issues and opportunities available for libraries, library-related organizations, and library users.

In "Librarianship in Virtual Worlds," the author — a librarian with years of academic, library technology and VW experience — details virtual library services and provides a host of useful practices for libraries with the desire to innovate and get on the "MUVE."

In this seventh issue of Library Technology Reports in volume 44, you'll find:

  • Terminology, Contexts, and Distinctions, including information about: Virtual Communities; Four Components of the Metaverse; Avatars; MUVEs and MMORPGs; Three Types of Libraries; and Being in the Real World, Online, and In World

  • Ten Necessary and Sufficient Conditions for Librarianship in Virtual Worlds

  • Issues to Consider, including: Ownership, Intellectual Property, and Rights Management; Timing; Metrics: Studying the Attitudes and Behaviors of Avatars; and Interoperability and the Portability of Resources

  • Resources, including information about: Following the Virtual Worlds News; Platforms, Software, and Tools; WebFlock from Electric Sheep; Books and Articles; and A Selective List of Virtual Worlds

About the Author
Tom Peters began his library career serving as an academic librarian for 16 years at various Midwestern universities and academic library consortia. In 2003 he founded TAP Information Services (, a small company that helps organizations innovate. Current TAP Info projects include OPAL (, an easy, affordable, accessible Web-conferencing service, and Unabridged (, which provides downloadable digital audiobooks for blind and low-vision users in several states. Tom, his wife, their four children, and three dogs live on an acreage nestled between Oak Grove and Grain Valley, Missouri.