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Metadata and Its Applications: New Directions and Updates

LTR Nov/Dec 2005 MetadataIt has been three years since Brad Eden's LTR, "Metadata and Its Applications" (38:5), was published. In LTR 41:6, "Metadata and Its Applications: New Directions and Updates," Eden both revises and updates his comprehensive overview of metadata for the library technology field.

In the update, Eden does not rehash material from his still available original report; instead, "This new edition is meant to be more of a supplement to the previous issue," he explains in the "Preface" of 41:6.

"There's a general resources section (Chapter I) that focuses on current and up-to-date information on metadata, as well as updates and materials on the major metadata standards (the ones that have survived). More importantly, the focus of this report will be on new metadata standards, new collaborations, and new directions in information organization and retrieval in this increasingly electronic world of ours."

Highlights of "Metadata and Its Applications: New Directions and Updates" include: information about "more traditional" metadata applications—i.e., MADS, MODS, METS, Dublin Core, RDA, RDF, and more—plus Eden examines the burgeoning "folksonomy" movement, in which users themselves are creating their own metadata, a.k.a. "tagging," to identify objects they're uploading to the Web.