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August 2006

Smart Libraries Newsletter 26:8Overdue Notice by Tom Peters
A recent ALC study provides insights into how the general public and policy leaders view libraries and information technologies in this online age of computerized networks.
"In mid-June, the eighty-four-page report Long Overdue: A Fresh Look at Public and Leadership Attitudes about Libraries in the 21st Century conveyed the finding that two-thirds (sixty-four percent) of the survey respondents indicated their local libraries should make it a high priority to have enough computers and online services to meet users' needs," notes Peters in Smart Libraries Newsletter's August 2006 cover story, which examines the recent Americans for Libraries Council's survey of public libraries and public-library leadership.

Also by Tom Peters in August...
Springer Launches e-Book Service

Learn more about Springer's new e-book service and its implications for the e-book market in general. "The new service," explains Peters, "enables libraries to purchase—yes purchase, as in ownership in perpetuity—the entire collection, or they can select from a dozen topical sub-collections, such as computer science, behavioral sciences, and mathematics and statistics....This and other recent developments may indicate that the e-book movement continues to recover from the crash earlier

this decade."

In The ILS Scoop by Marshall Breeding This Month...

  • Next-Gen Interfaces Get Big Play at ALA
    "The next heat of activity in the product-and-technology race centers on the next generation

    of library interfaces," reports Marshall Breeding in his article about online-catalog interfaces and the talk of it at the recent ALA Annual Conference in New Orleans. "For the last couple of years there has been a recurring clamor among library professionals—many in library circles have been busy lambasting the current generation of catalogs and pointing out how distant they are from meeting library-users' needs and expectations. At ALA Annual, the next-gen catalog buzz was pervasive; the topic of next-generation interfaces permeated many conference-program presentations and was well observed on the exhibit-hall floor too."

  • Breeding also provides an update of the ILS landscape in ILS Summer '06 Announcements

Also in SLN in August...
Find out cartography meets tag clouds and social networking in Tom Peters's, "It's a Wiki, It's a Map… It's WikiMapia!"

And in Google Corner(ed)
Peters puts Google's mission into perspective in The Ad Pie and Google's Slice

"Although Google does many interesting things—some of which overlap, build upon, or threaten to eclipse what libraries have done and are doing—we should not forget that Google's core business is delivering Web searching and other search services in order to create, sustain, and build an online market for advertisers."