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December 2007

In Smart Libraries Newsletter This Month

Smart Libraries Newsletter December 2007
"Checkpoint Systems and 3M Library Systems Converge on RFID" by Marshall Breeding

Two of the top makers of library-focused RFID and library security products, 3M Library Systems and Checkpoint Systems, have consolidated their efforts. "This strategic sales and marketing alliance gives 3M Library Systems full responsibility for the marketing and support of Checkpoint products to libraries. Checkpoint will continue to develop and manufacture products, but they will be sold exclusively by 3M," reports Breeding.

And in SLN in December by Tom Peters
In "Librarians Out of Step on Privacy Issues?" Tom Peters discusses the OCLC commissioned report, " Sharing, Privacy and Trust in Out Networked World" released last fall. Peters outlines the basis of the research as well as some of the findings listed in the 280-page report. "This is just one research report, but the prospect that our professional attitudes and practices concerning privacy, confidentiality, and trust are on a divergent path from the overall attitudinal and behavioral patterns of the general populations of these six developed nations is worthy of careful professional discussion and further research," notes Peters in his conclusion.

Also in Smart Libraries in December

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    by Tom Peters
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  • "Entwined" A Look at Twine, an application to help organize your digital documents
    by Tom Peters