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July 2007

In Smart Libraries Newsletter This Month

Smart Libraries Newsletter July 2007
In "The End of the Romantic Library?" Tom Peters ponders the library's possibly waning role as a romantic institution, at least in the design of its services.

"The individual quietly using the library is the romantic, ideal use model in most libraries. Even when a physical library is filled with people often it is filled with individuals acting individually," he notes. "The emergence of digital libraries over the past two decades evidently has not involved an examination and rethinking of what seems to be a basic assumption about how libraries should be used and by whom."

Also in SLN in July by Tom Peters

  • "CIC Consortium Joins Google Scan"
    The CIC (Committee on Institutional Cooperation), an academic consortium of the eleven Big Ten universities ("the addition of Penn State created that anomaly"), has agreed to participate in Google's Library Project, the massive book digitization effort that has garnered consistent and plentiful attention since the original announcement in late 2004.
  • "Ocarina: The Open Content Alliance": Peters interviews Brewster Kahle of the Internet Archive, the organizational home of the Open Content Alliance, and asks him about the project, the "other" massive ("Google") digitization effort currently underway, and the future of the book.
  • "ScienceDirect Tries eBooks": Elsevier, a publisher of scientific, technical, and medical information books, has started beta testing ebooks in its ScienceDirect product line.

TechSoup Stock And by Marshall Breeding This Month

  • British Columbia Launches Open Source Evergreen ILS Project
  • Ex Libris Appoints New President of Its North American Division