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June 2007

In Smart Libraries Newsletter This Month

Smart Libraries Newsletter June 2007
"Small World: OCLC Launches WorldCat Local" by Marshall Breeding
"Next-gen" software is where it's at these days, and OCLC has joined the fray with its WorldCat Local.

"OCLC has made another foray (remember LS/2000?) into the online catalog arena by launching WorldCat Local, a version of WorldCat designed to replace the online catalog delivered as part of a library's ILS," Breeding explains. "WorldCat Local competes among an emerging genre of next-generation library interfaces that includes AquaBrowser from Medialab Solutions, Endeca's ProFind, Primo from Ex Libris, and Encore from Innovative Interfaces...."

Also in SLN in June

  • "Pre-Teen Avatars on a Library Quest" by Tom Peters;
  • "Twitterpated: Twitter Social Network" by Tom Peters; and
  • "AquaBrowser Aids Libraries in Web Exposure," by Marshall Breeding

And in Google Corner(ed) by Tom Peters

  • "Revenue, Profits, and Acquisitions Increase"
    In Q1 2007: "Google's profits continued to soar... and [u]sage of Google also increased dramatically," Peters reports.
  • "Google and States Partner"
    "In late April, Google announced a partnership with four state governments--Arizona, California, Utah, and Virginia--to help make information contained on their Web sites easier to index and search."
  • "First the Historians; Then, History Itself"
    "Who knows how history will judge the Google massive book-scanning project of the early 21st century. Historians, however, have begun to pass judgement.