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May 2008

In Smart Libraries Newsletter This Month

Smart Libraries Newsletter May 2008
Triple I Takes Big Bite of Big Apple
"During this period of uncertainty in the library automation industry, Innovative Interfaces has continued its steady influx of new clients and major contracts," reports Marshall Breeding in "Innovative Interfaces Expands Its NYC Presence."

"Among the company's successes, two recent awards stand out, that of a unified system for the New York Public Library and another one for the New York Art Resources Consortium. These major contracts represent the appeal of Innovative's Millennium system across major public, research, and museum libraries as well as the company's ability to consistently expand its client base."

Virtual Migration
In "Qwaq: Why a Duck?" Tom Peters discusses Qwaq Forums, a platform for three-dimensional virtual training, workshops, conferences, and other live interactive events. "After approximately two years of fairly intense exploration and development of library services, collections, and information experiences in existing virtual worlds...some librarians are beginning to explore and perhaps 'colonize' other emerging virtual worlds," notes Peters.

Also in May's Issue of Smart Libraries

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  • "BookGlutton's Table Is Set" and "Have Fun" by Tom Peters