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October 2007

In Smart Libraries Newsletter This Month

Smart Libraries Newsletter October 2007
In "Rollin', Rollin: Google Book Search " Tom Peters reports on what some may consider to be an infamous Google activity in the library world.

"Google Book Search (GBS), the growing online resource born in part from a massive book scanning project involving dozens of partner libraries around the world, just keeps rolling along, like Old Man River," writes Peters. "You can love GBS, hate it, or be ambivalent toward it, but it may be the most significant information-related project since the creation of the Internet."

And in SLN in October by Marshall Breeding
"Partial Buyout at Mandarin Library Automation"

Also by Tom Peters This Month

  • "Hats off to Fedora Commons"
  • "Google and Microsoft Want to Be Your Health Information Manager"
  • "Structure Beyond Shelter"